You write great content and want to build up an audience of people who read your blog regularly.

In this situation, there's no better way to keep your audience up-to-date than by email.

Here's how you automatically notify users whenever you write a new post.


Step #1. Install the Post Notification by Email plugin

Email WordPress Users When a New Post Is Published

Step #2. Configure Post Notification by Email

  • Find "Post Notification by Email" in the left menu and click "Settings"
  • Sent to: You can add any email address here, separated by commas. This option is great if someone isn't registered on the site.
  • Send to users: The user group that will receive the emails. You can use ctrl + click on Windows to select several. Use command + click on a Mac.

Next, you can customize the email subject and body.

The placeholders get replaced by the content that they represent. So if your post's title is "We've redesigned the site!", it will replace {title} in the email.

Finally, you can set up some conditions.

For example, if you'd only like users to get emails about your blog posts, remove "Pages" from the Post Types.

If you don't want users to get emails about every post, then use a unique tag for the Posts you want to be emailed.

When you're done, make sure you save.

Note of caution